What is a Premises Licence?

A premises licence is granted by the licensing authority (council) that the premises is situated within.
The licence permits one or more of the licensable activities to take place on the premises. 

There are 3 licensable activities (were a premises licence is concerned)

  • Sale of alcohol by retail
  • Provision of regulated entertainment
  • Provision of late night refreshment 

The premises licence can be granted for any location it does not have to be a physical building. We have achieved premises licences for open spaces such as fields for festivals, residential buildings, river and canal boats. The premises licence will be in the name of the premises licence holder – in most cases this is a LTD company.

Should the premises licence allow for the sale of alcohol by retail, then the premises licence holder needs to nominate a personal licence holder to be the designated premises supervisor. 

The application consists of:

  • Application form (sent either by post or electronically)
  • Operating Schedule
  • DPS details and a signed consent form (if application is for sale of alcohol by retail)
  • Plan of the premises in a specific format
  • Document showing the applicant is entitled to work in the UK
  • Application fee 

The premises licence application will then need to be advertised:

  • In the local newspaper and
  • An A4-size notice displayed on or outside the premises

The premises licence application process takes 28 days.